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What our customer caring about ?
1. Want to export food products to China , need metal detector machine to arrange third party inspection factory ?
2. Need metal detector or checkweigher to match your packing machine ?
3. Renovation and upgrading of factories or construction of new factories requires new production equipment and packaging equipment ?
4. In production processing , need protect your products ?
5. Or need find reliable machine supplier ?
6. As a wholesaler or distributor , how can we support you ?
If are you have met these trouble ? contact us
Why cooperate with us ?
1. price cheaper than international brand .
2. large quantity (MOQ: 10PC ) , we will take our profit out as award , to place order person ;
3. Our machine can help you to earn money if you are wholesaler , distributor;
4. Our machine collect investment very fast 1-2Month.
5. Our machine can guarantee your products quality and guarantee your business reputation.
6. 7*24hrs one to one serivce.
7. Any friends who introduce project or help us to get order , after we collect all of the cost , we will give 5%-10% commission.
Are you still have any question or requirement ? contact us now
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Best Architecture Company.
Dongguan Ke Ying mainly offer food metal detector , checkweigher , Packing machine/Auto packaging line . 

What can we do for you ?
We can offer you professional solve program according to your requirement and your products, packing information. 
Then, give you a professional quotation sheet with macchine specification , price , packing size and G.Weiht , production lead time. 

Second, we can buy similar products as sample to testing on our machine and take video for your reference. 

Third, your machine assembled well , we will testing and take video for your reference. Machine can't reach your requirement, we promise money back !
Contact us for your project
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