metal detector for food
Dongguan Changan Ke Ying Machinery Factory is located in Chang'an Town, Dongguan City, Guangdong Province, is a professional manufacturer of Food X-ray inspection, metal detection equipment, checkweigher equipment outstanding enterprises.
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metal detector for food

Metal detector have many kind . People now is most like is gold hunter metal detector ; Toys and garment factory like needle metal detector ; shoes factory need needle detector or X-ray machine ; food factory need food metal detector ;the security inspection are most using walk through metal detector in Air port or train station. 

The food , we can sorting wet and dry . Wet food: Ice , Ice cream , fish , seafood  Dry food:Nuts , snacks and so on.
Different kind of food , inspection precision are different. 

The food have packed by Aluminum packing and Non metal foil packing . Using machine are different. 

The food carton size different , the machine channel size are different. So , the inspection precision is different. 

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