What kind of checkweigher load cell are we using
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What kind of checkweigher load cell are we using

In the weighing machine system, the role of the load cell is very important. It is related to the accuracy and sensitivity of the weighing machine.

The three most famous brands are: Mettler Toledo, HBM from Germany, and AVIC from China. Among them, the cost performance of AVIC is the highest.

According to their weighing accuracy, we use them in different industries:
1. For products that require high precision, such as medicine and jewelry, we will use sensors from Mettler Toledo or HBM.
2. For daily products and food, if the error requirements are not high, we can use the AVIC sensor.
Because the brands are different , makes price are different, the price of using their weighing machines are also very different; under normal circumstances, the price of machines using Mettler Toledo or HBM is higher 500USD-800USD than using AVIC ( depending on the number of sensors used).
If your company can tell us your products, package size and weight, and requirements for package weighing accuracy, we can give you professional suggestion and professional machines.
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