What Type of Checkweigher Should You Use?
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What Type of Checkweigher Should You Use?

Checkweighers are a crucial component of any production line where weight plays a key role in the process. They help you ensure all products are within agreed limits and meet packaging and product specifications.
They can be manual or automatic and will reject products that are too heavy or too light. This eliminates waste and helps keep production costs down.

checkweighing scale

Checkweighing scales are used to measure the weight of products and determine whether or not they are within a predetermined target range. This is often done to improve production and quality control in a variety of industries including food processing, manufacturing, sorting, and shipping.
There are several benefits to using a checkweighing scale including increased efficiency and bottom line savings. They also add peace of mind to a manufacturing process by ensuring consistent results and improved output quality.
A check weigher can be static or in motion. Static check weighers weigh products manually with the operator placing them on the scale. In-motion check weighers move products across the scale and keep them in tolerance or reject them if they are outside of the preset tolerance.
Check weighers have separate high, ok and low coloured LED indicators that change colour when the sample is under, over or within preset limits. They are powered by an AC adapter or rechargeable battery, and have a power-off feature to conserve battery life.

dynamic checkweigher

A dynamic checkweigher weighs products as they pass along the production line. It is completely automatic and does not require any manual intervention or a dedicated operator.
A checkweigher is a key piece of equipment for any manufacturing business, and it is vital to ensure that all products are accurately weighed as they move along the production line. This is important for a number of reasons, including compliance with regulatory requirements and keeping up brand integrity.
In addition to weighing, many checkweighers also offer tolerance control to ensure that products are within certain weight ranges as they pass through the production line. This can help companies to maintain quality standards, reduce giveaway and improve overall production efficiency.
A checkweigher can also be integrated with metal detection, X-ray or vision inspection systems to help keep your production chain safe and ensure accurate product delivery. Combination systems also allow for easier line integration and maintenance.

high speed checkweigher

Checkweighers are used across a wide range of industries and applications. They help you comply with government regulations and quality standards, so you can ensure your products weigh within their target weights.
Checkweights are also useful for identifying contaminants that can affect weight, such as metals. They are usually combined with metal detection or x-ray systems to enhance your quality checks.
In addition, checkweighers reduce sorting errors on a production line that would otherwise occur when humans mistakenly remove perfectly fine products from the conveyor belt. They also measure and catalogue weighing mistakes to give you a clear overview of the issues on your plant.
High speed checkweighers are capable of weighing multiple products at once, so you can make sure they all meet your weight tolerances. They are also durable and can be cleaned easily, making them ideal for a variety of industry applications.

automatic checkweigher

Checkweighers are a great way to improve productivity and quality throughout your production process. They also keep you compliant to industry standards, helping to avoid expensive fines.
Regulatory organizations may impose strict fines on businesses that do not meet the standards set for product weighing and packaging. Using a checkweigher ensures that all products weigh within the specified limits.

Increased production

Whether your business is in the food or pharmaceutical industry, checkweighers are a great way to boost efficiency and reduce waste. They also help to ensure that products have been packed properly, which means that they are safe and can be consumed by consumers.


Depending on your industry, compliance is important and can be regulated by a number of different government agencies and standards. Some of these regulations include meeting food safety laws and sanitation requirements.

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