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Food metal detector are used to detect metal foreign objects in food, fruits, vegetables, meat, poultry, cooking oil and various other solids and liquids, which are very harmful to the human body;they mainly come from metals falling from the production line Chips and screws, blades, staples, rolling strips, desiccant ;When machine detected , will Remove contaminated product .

Food metal detector structure and composition
This machine assembled by detection head , control panel , baffle , food grade belt, Alarm light , Elimination system , Emergency switch 

Food metal detector elimination system for selection
Swing arm ; Drop off/ lift ; Flap off ; Rod bar  ; Air blow off

Food metal detector working principle:
1. Electromagnetic induction. When a product containing metal passes through the metal detector probe,the electric coil senses the metal foreign matter and transmits a signal to the control panel, then the machine sounds and lights an alarm, and the product is removed by the reject system.

2. The principle of radar. When the product passes through the probe of the metal detector, the electric coil emits electromagnetic waves, and after sensing foreign objects, it will sound and light alarm and reject the product.

How to setting food metal detector ?

1. When the machine arrives at the factory, unpack the wooden box and put the machine into the production line with a forklift (separate inspection, put it in the inspection area).
2. Rotate the 4 scripts so they snap to the ground and turn on the green power button on the electrical box below the rack.
3.Ento setting model. 
Indicator    From left to right, the first one is the running indicator, when machine running rightly, The light is green The second light is NG indicator .when detected something, the light is RED.      The other light are grade indicate light. It show metal ingredient detect grade
LCD Display Variety Noproduct name judge result manner and so on ,。
Start button    Push this button .Conveyor belt indicator light on .Conveyor belt beginning running
Stop button   Push this button. Conveyor belt indicator shut up .Conveyor belt stop running
Product button: when in this screen, push this button it will shift to another screen, it can change various products
Menu button   On the basic screen, Push this button it will shift to menu screen and can choose different menu
Cancel button         shut down present screen back to the former screen
Arrow button      use to program choose and pages shift     
Enter button       To make sure to setting and enter into some program

2. Enter "Auto -set " , according machine requirement , flow your products , till sel-study finish.

3. If Want to adjust sensitivity, enter Parameter , through up & down button to adjust the detection sensitivity till fit for your products.

Food metal detector using condition:
  • Temperature no below 0and above 40Place
  • Temperature within 30~85%and not freeze
  • No direct sunshineNo Fire and heater around
  • Power voltage around +10%-15%
  • Away from shake place and shaken products
  • Less dust place
  • No volatility easy fire liquid and corrosive fluid and sale place
  • Air conditioner coll wind not lowing direct

Machine using attentions

    The power supply should independent system, The power supply should independent from other device inside (Motor or package machine) and should closely power plug.
 Please do not connect many ways. If place heavy products on the power supply, It will broke wire and bring out fire or electronic shock accident
 Power wire should away heater. Before pull out the plug, should cut power supply and pull out the plug quickly

Belt height adjust from former device and after device

    Keep this equipment with the feed conveyor belt and output conveyor belt in a horizon. This equipment feed should fasten. To avoid shaken .

Power and earth wire connect

     Avoid dangerous. The power supply that give this equipment have to install cutout switch. Besides. If use in the humidity environment. The equipment should install circuit breaker to avoid leakage of electronics 
    To avoid electronic shot and make sure the equipment running proper .The power wire must connect the earth (Earth wire use the diameter of 1.6mm soft cooperate wire and have same strength ,no easy corrosion metal wire

Food metal detector daily maintenance

1) Before cleaning, please switch off the power.
2) Before cleaning with water, please first confirm whether the examination head and the control box have already covered.
3) When you clean the facility with water faucet, you should use the low hydraulic pressure.
4) Use the soft plastic brush or the cloth; do not use metal brush to prevent of damaging the equipment.
5)Uses lower than 60 water. The hot water will reduce the life of the leather belt and seals part.
6) You may use the compressed air or the cloth to dry. the bead which is on the equipment to be left.
7) Use the neutral cleanser, cannot use the dilution and the toluene and the other organic solvent.
Please earnestly be familiar with after the above safety regulation, and according to the following step process installment, the debugging, the maintenance, the use, and services.

Our customers questions:
 Export products to China market , need food metal detector ?
Reply : Yes , the factory need a metal detector or food X-ray machine , which need third party lab to inspection factory . 
If your products export other Country like: USA , Europe , customer often require your to hve a metal detector machine

2. This machine can inspect tiny metals and Eliminate it ? 
Reply : Yes , this is the standard function.

3. I want to detect the stamples on bread bag , How can I do ?
Reply: Show us your bread packing dimension , we will buy bread samples in our Market , and stick the stample in the bread , to testing for you and take video for your reference. 

4. I want to detect Cookies/Biscuit in my production line , Your machine workable ?
Reply: Yes , just show us your baking production line belt height from earth and width. We also need know your biscuits height is ok . 

5. I want to inspect Rice by heavy bags , can your machine workable ?
Reply: Yes , we have done Rice factory program

6. I want to find a food metal detector which is vertical , can work with our weigher machine or packing machine ,
can you offer ?

Reply: Yes , we have this kind of machine and have highest inspection precision. 
Customer have a nice comments.

7. I want to inspect glass bottles , can your machine inspect ? 
Reply: Yes , we have done similar factory program.

8.My products is granules ( Powders) , what kind of metal detector should be using ?
Reply: Using below style . It special design for Granule / Powder products , also have rejection system;
It also can machine your weigher machine and your packing machine to use. 

9.I want to inspect Textile , Garment and shoes , what kind of metal detector should we use ?
Reply: Using below style . We can customize for you according to your products width and height ; 
Standard machine advantage is price competitive. 

10. Our customer also have : Sugar industy, salt industry , meat ( Fish , pork , chicken and beef factory ),
Sauce factory , Toy factory , Poker factory, Pharmaceutical factory and so on . 

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