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  • 20T cassava starch production line
  • 20T cassava starch production line
  • 20T cassava starch production line
  • 20T cassava starch production line
  • 20T cassava starch production line
  • 20T cassava starch production line
  • 20T cassava starch production line
  • 20T cassava starch production line
  • 20T cassava starch production line
  • 20T cassava starch production line
  • 20T cassava starch production line
  • 20T cassava starch production line
  • 20T cassava starch production line
  • 20T cassava starch production line
  • 20T cassava starch production line
  • 20T cassava starch production line
  • 20T cassava starch production line
  • 20T cassava starch production line
  • 20T cassava starch production line
  • 20T cassava starch production line
  • 20T cassava starch production line
  • 20T cassava starch production line

20T cassava starch production line

cassava starch production line is make the Cassave is washed, peeled, pressed to weigh the slurry, and the production line to extract the starch.
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  • 20T cassava starch production line
  • 20T cassava starch production line
  • 20T cassava starch production line
  • 20T cassava starch production line
  • 20T cassava starch production line
  • 20T cassava starch production line
  • 20T cassava starch production line
  • 20T cassava starch production line
  • 20T cassava starch production line
  • 20T cassava starch production line
  • 20T cassava starch production line
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1.1 This production need a 40’ HQ and 20’ container.

1.2 Delivery time: Under the condition that the buyer's civil works are completed in time, and taking into account

the existing manufacturing and transportation conditions, the time from the start of the contract to the delivery of the

equipment to the factory is 60 working days. The contract becomes effective when all the following conditions are met:  a) the contract is signed   b) the deposit is received

1.3 Items not included All supplies and services not explicitly listed in this quotation are not included in this quotation, mainly including but not limited to: l

*All pipelines outside the boundary area (boundary boundary points) l

•All supplies and services outside the boundaries l
•Official approval for plant construction and operation l
• Electrical equipment and installation materials inside and outside the boundary l
•Installation and commissioning insurance l
•Taxes and duties l
•Drilling wells and pumps l
• Emergency and medical services

*Local residence and work permit for foreign personnel l

*Construction water and electricity l

•Facilities and raw materials required for factory equipment     commissioning, equipment trial operation and operation l

*Lightning protection facilities l

*Fire fighting facilities l

*Transportation Insurance l

*Hoists and tools required for repair, maintenance and operation l

*Our staff's local accommodation, air tickets, visas, miscellaneous fees, wages

1.5 Guarantee period The supplier guarantees the mechanical properties of the supplied equipment and guarantees the factory's production capacity, finished product quality and basic energy consumption indicators according to the data in the design basis. The mechanical performance guarantee period is 12 months after the system is turned on or 18 months after the equipment arrives at the site, whichever comes first.


参数 Parameter


原料和产品 Raw material and Finished product




原料:Raw material

Fresh potato raw material 20-25% dry base, moisture 50-60%


最终产品: Finished product

starch ,淀粉13-14%,水分细度100目 (Starch 13-14%, moisture fineness 100 mesh)

生产能力 Processing capacity




新鲜原料: 木薯



耗水Water consumption




工艺水 Processing water




原料清洗水 Washing water



产量 Output




精淀粉  starch


公斤/小时 KG/Hour


生产时间 Working time


小时/天 HR/Day


班次 Shift


班/天 Shift/Day


人数 Workers

4+2人  workers

班 Shift

功耗 (详见设备清单) Power consumption




装机容量 Power installed




消耗功率度 Power consumption



公用设施 Utilities




工艺水质量 Processing water quality

raw materials can be washed with well water, the process water must meet the drinking water standard, the German standard hardness is 8 degrees

Drinking water standard


电压 Voltage

220/380V  60、50HZ




burning coal120-130KG;firewood 130-150KG

Coal , wood


主厂房 Workshop

400平米 M2

(40米长*8-10米宽*6--10米高)40M (L) *8-10M (W) * 6-10M (H)


工艺水process water




Process description

1)Impurity removal and cleaning: accumulation yard ---- pass the fresh potato raw materials through the hydraulic

conveying trough, roll through the trough, remove the surface soil, enter the conveyor, convey it into the washing

machine, and pass the captured sand and gravel in the front, wash, By pushing the paddle lever, it is forced to

squeeze, rub, and remove the skin. It is lifted out through the rotating bucket at the tail and enters the spray

cleaning section. The water of the finished impurities - flows to the sedimentation tank outside the workshop –

standby after precipitation - supplementary water for potato washing machine circulation - or external discharge.


2) The surface layer of potatoes entering the spray system of the quantitative conveyor has been basically

cleaned by spray cleaning. After spraying by this system, and further collision and friction between materials,

friction between materials and the barrel wall - after high-pressure spray water - rinse clean —Automatically convey

 the next step with the direction of rotation —Fresh potato cracking system


3) Crushing-cracking system: The cleaned materials are fed into the crushing system evenly through the quantitative conveying system. According to different materials, the proportion of material and water is adjusted.

There are 1-2 levels of crushing systems. The purpose of cracking is to free the starch to the greatest extent, so as to maximize the starch extraction without increasing the production of fine slag.

4) After the screening and washing system is crushed, the material is adjusted to a certain concentration of material and water, and sent to the screening unit through a pressure pump. Generally, multi-stage washing slurry is selected according to the material, and process water is added to the last stage of screening for washing. The water is carried out according to the principle of countercurrent washing, with less water consumption, low energy consumption, good washing effect, and the dry starch content in the residue is less than 3-5%.


5) The sand removal system is pumped into the sand removal system through the fine sieving slurry separated from the slurry and slag, and the sand particles in the slurry are further purified and removed.


6) The starch protein separation section - also called the juice water separation section, after purifying and removing sand with a certain concentration of the original slurry - enters the dejuicing separation unit, and after a certain factor separation unit - removes 70% of the juice, and enters the next stage for further purification. Effluent - into a sedimentation tank - or sewage treatment.


7) After the starch refining section passes through the dejuicing section - the crude starch slurry is washed in the multi-stage cyclone section to remove the remaining fine fibers, proteins and sugars, and control a certain concentration to reach the national standard refined starch standard slurry.

8) Dehydration section: configuration - centrifugal dehydration system or pressure dehydration or vacuum dehydration system: a certain concentration of refined starch slurry - enters the dehydrator to remove the water in it. The purpose of dehydration is to produce dry starch. The necessary section, remove 60-70% Moisture, try to get rid of starch - easy to dry starch - finished powder - this saves energy.


9) Starch drying system - after drying, cooling, packaging, storage and dehydration, the starch moisture is controlled between 34-40% and enters the starch dryer through the feeder for drying. The dryer heats the pure air to a certain temperature through a heat exchanger. (It must be at low temperature) After fully mixing with the dehydrated feed starch, it passes through the drying tube, mass transfer and heat transfer, fully mixed and contacted for 3-5 seconds to achieve the purpose of drying, the starch will not be gelatinized at a certain temperature, and the moisture is controlled within a certain requirement. The moisture content of the finished product can be automatically released to 18-20%. Then the fineness of the finished product is screened to the required value through the cooling system. The finished product is packaged and stored in the warehouse.

Please kindly check Dongguan changan Ke Ying machinery factory's company introduction
We mainly offer food metal detector , checkweigher , food X-ray machine, Packing machine/ fully automatically
packing line 
Our machine brand is "GOODEONE", have registed in China government .

Food metal detector workshop
This workshop mainly assemble food metal detectors. These 304SUS bracket and JSCC motor 
are ready to assemble together . 
Other semi finished metal detectors are assembling , after finished , then , After 72 hours of energized aging,
after packaging, it will be shipped to the customer's factory.

Checkweigher workshop
This workshop mainly assemble the checkweigher , about 2000square meter.
These machine are aging well and ready to packing wooden carton delivery to customer.

Packing machine workshop
These packing machine workshop building area about 10000 square meter . It have vertical packing machine,
multihead weigher packing machine , Pillow flow packing machine, given bag packing machine and so on.

Our customers

Our customer more than 300, they are all located in China, Malaysia , Thailand , Vietnam , Indonesia ,
Philippine , South America , Latin America , Middle east and South Africa.

Our export share about : 70%  ; Domestic share : 30%

Annual sales amount: 3,000,000USD/year .

Our office 

Our service

We are warmly welcome all of the world customer to visit and inquiry. We can offer you best quality machine
with professioal pre-sales service and after sales service. 

Please contact with us 

Email: [email protected] ;
Wechat /Whatsapp: 0086 18665115897

With the continuous improvement of people's living standards, material requirements are getting higher and higher;
such requirements force our customers' factories to produce products of higher quality.
As a factory machinery and equipment supplier, we provide customers with inspection ,
check weighing and packaging equipment required in various production processing.

Food factories solutions
Raw material aspect
After raw material reach customer's raw material warehouse , our conveyor metal detector or food X ray inspection system ,
or Visual inspection system can inspect harmful metals , stones, glass and products surface plastic , hair , bottle broken ,
label broken.
In this process , we also can offer liquid mixing tank machine for our food customers and Beverage customers.

Production processing 
When the semi-finished products come out , our checkweigher can weigh the food if standard or not ; food metal detector will inspect
if the food contain tiny metals or production machine drop off the screws. If yes , reject products will flow to product Recycle Bin/station.

Checkweigher working schematic diagram

Packing process
When products enter into the packing process , the packing speed and packing precision and machine operation system is become very important.
This station's inspection and weighing still need it . 

Block food /book/Poker packing line schematic diagram
This fully automatic packaging line can help customer to save 5-7workers , 3Month can collect money back. 
Backside of this line , we also can add loading carton robot and palletizing robot.
We can according to customer's requirement to customize the machine. 

Finished product delivery
When order goods delivery to ending customer's hand , before the loading the truck , the products still need our machine inspection. 
This is last key point. 
If you want to export foods to China market , your factory need through third party inspection . So , the food metal detector or food 
X ray inspection machine must need it . 

Grain /spice factory solution
The products stone inspection and Elimination by destoner machine.
This machine remove the stone and Floating dust, unfilled grains

After destoner machine , using below grain packing machine , which 
can pack max 50kg/bag grains. 

Third step is using our heavy loading checkweigher and metal detector to weighing the packing bags
and inspection the metals in the grains.

Last , if customer want to packing small bag grains or spices , please kindly check below automatic packing line.

Pharmaceutical factories solution
Dongguan changan Ke Ying machinery factory have rich experience in pharmaceutical weighing, foreign body detection,
and packaging. We can give professional advice and machines in terms of quality control and ensuring the safety of customers' products.
Our machine also can help customer to improve production efficiency and decrease production cost . 

Raw material inspection
When raw material reach customer's factory , whatever it's powder or granules , our metal detector machine can inspect it . 
Or through our food X ray inspection system ; Our checkweigher can weigh it's weight if it is right with purchase order . 

Production processing section
In the Pharm production , in order to control quality and keeping safety of Medicine ,
customer need strictly control the usage of each material
Our metal detector can inspect the pill or the capsule of finished products. We will acccording to customer's requirement of 
inspection speed and inspection precision, offer them right machine. 

Packing section
After tablets or capsule packing process , due to the need for quality control, in the process of pharmaceutical packaging,
it is necessary to check the quantity of finished products in a single package and a single product,
and it is necessary to check for foreign objects. Our X-ray machine is designed for this purpose.
In order to improve our customer's packaging efficiency , we offer fully automatic bottle packaging line . 
Please kindly reference below schematic diagram.
This packing line have tablets elevator , multihead weigher , bottle feeder ,
bottle packing machine , bottle cap locker machine, labeling machine , metal detector , checkweigher machine 
and sorting tray . 
P.S: We can offer carton loading robot and Palletizing robot

High speed Pharmaceutical checkweigher 
This checkweigher have high precision and high speed ,
it special fit for Pharmaceutical factory and facial factory.

Pharmaceutical deliverying

Before Pharmaceutical deliverying , our metal detector or X-ray inspection machine can do last inspection
to gurantee the goods safety. 

Cosmetics industry
The cosmetics industry has huge market potential and creates hundreds of billions of dollars in value for the global market every year.
Its product categories are: skin and hair care products, cosmetics, fragrances, toiletries and deodorants.
GOODEON's machines provide solutions such as filling and packaging weighing, metal detection and X-ray inspection.
Dongguan changan Ke Ying machinery factory is a reliable supplier and developer of metal detector ,
checkweigher and food X ray machine. Have rich experience in offer stable machine and offer quality control ,
which very important in control the products quality aspect .
We can help customers improve product quality, increase production efficiency and cost-effectiveness.

Cleanliness, 304SUS material, easy to do deep cleaning of the machine.
Weighing accuracy and foreign matter inspection accuracy are also very important considerations in the production process;
IP protection and explosion-proof protection, our machines provide IP65 and explosion-proof electrical boxes,
explosion-proof motors, etc. to ensure the safety of the production process;
The machine is easy to set up and has compatibility;
High cost performance is also an important factor that customers need to consider;

Incoming material inspection
The customer shall ensure that all raw materials to be used in the production process are exactly as ordered,
It is the weight of raw materials used and the control of foreign matter, which is an important step to ensure product quality;

R&D, Engineering and Quality Control
The research and development of cosmetics plays a key role in the factory production process,
and quality control is also very important for the health and safety of consumers,
as well as the quality of products. It is essential to ensure that the correct weight of raw material is used,
and our high-precision weighing machines are ideal for the job;

Production process
Weighing equipment and filling equipment are integrated into modern production lines,
whether manual or fully automatic.
The product range includes bench and floor scales as well as process vessel scales for hygienic applications
and digital assistance technology

Weighing and foreign object detection solutions are also well suited to the needs of manufacturers in packaging operations,
ensuring that products leave the factory meeting customer expectations.
Machines are used in a wide range of applications including metal detection and X-ray inspection equipment.
Equipped with professional check-weighing equipment, it can check the over-package
and missing-package of outer boxes and small boxes in the secondary packaging, and the system records and counts all products.

Final weighing and foreign object detection before delivery
After the product is packaged and enters the finished product warehouse, it is a necessary stage for the product to be shipped
when the outer box is weighed and detected for foreign objects.
Customers need to make statistics on the outbound products.
To avoid customer complaints and product recalls.


Biscuit metal detector 
This conveyor metal detector is customized for our Biscuit customer in Domestic , 
It's add defender , after cleaning and packaging , it will be delivery to customer's hand. 

We according to customer's production ine width and height , products height offer professional machine. 

FDA food grade belt and 304SUS bracket , it's easy to do cleaning (Using water or Alcohol )。 

Packaging machine packing 1kg bag
Customer have place order for our packaging machine , before machine delivery , 
customer send their's film to us , we bought some corn and testing to packing for them.
Each kind of packing bag , we all need mark weight and bag size , forming a photo report 

Checkweigher weighing Cookie biscuit
Our checkweigher have reached customer's workshop . After machine setting and testing, 
our machine start to working for our customer . It can save more than 3-5 workers. 
High improve customer's working efficiency .

Q:This can detect any metal in the package yea ?And separate the package out yea ?
A: Yes , our machine can detecto Ferrous, Non Ferrous ( Copper, Zinc and so on ), 304/316 Stainless steel in the products 
and Reject it off .

Q1: Are you a factory?
A1:Dongguan changan Ke Ying machinery factory is a professional manufacturer professinal in digital Metal detector and weighing equipment ,
fully automatically packaging line. We have our  R&D, production, marketing and after-sales service team.

Q2: Why to cooperate with you?
A2:We are a factory experienced in the field of automatic Metal detector and weighing equipment, integrating R&D, production,
marketing and after-sales service.
We can give you competitive price and offer your attend fair cost support and E-catalogue support (for wholesaler and distributor )

Q3: How to select the suitable specification of Metal detector machine?
A3:Please tell us what kind of product to process and your largest bag/carton L*W*H (mm) , weight . 
If our machine need connect with your production line.

Q4: What are the payment terms?
A4 : We mainly do FOB Shenzhen / CIF destination port of customer .
Payment term: T/T 50% deposit , balance 50% should be paid before goods delivery. 
Other payment method: West Union , Wechat pay , Paypal and Cash . 

Q5: How about your machine packing ? It's easy broken ?
A5: We use wooden carton to pack , it's strong enough.
Q6: How about your after-sales policy ?
A6: Customer's care is our care . Our machine offer 1 year warranty , We will give installation video and instruction
for customer installation and setting our machine. 
If machine have any problem , just give us a video , we can judget and guide customer to handling.
If customer need on site service , our engineer can on site service , customer need bear VISA , tickets , 
traffic , boarding and meal cost . 

Q7: Are you accept customer's LOGO customization ?
A7: Yes , we offer customization customer's company name and LOGO on the machine or in the software.
Q8:Are you sell machine parts ?
A8: Yes , if you need any part , just inform us . If we have stock , we can delivery in 3days;
If haven't , after production , we will send it out asap. Time :7-10days. 

Q9: After place order , how long can you delivery the machine ?
A9: Our metal detector , checkweigher production lead time about : 15days.
Automatic packaging line need about 35working days.

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