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  • Meat packing machine
  • Meat packing machine
  • Meat packing machine
  • Meat packing machine
  • Meat packing machine
  • Meat packing machine
  • Meat packing machine
  • Meat packing machine
  • Meat packing machine
  • Meat packing machine
  • Meat packing machine
  • Meat packing machine
  • Meat packing machine
  • Meat packing machine

Meat packing machine hot market

Here we mainly introduce what is best meat packing machine and what kind of machine fit for meat packing industry.This price just a part of deposit , for machine detail price contact us , whatsapp: +0086 18665115897 ; [email protected]
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  • Meat packing machine
  • Meat packing machine
  • Meat packing machine
  • Meat packing machine
  • Meat packing machine
  • Meat packing machine
  • Meat packing machine
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In 2023, we often get customer's inquiry about the meat packing machine .
What is the best meat packing machine ? 
A machine which can pack fresh meat or frozen meat by slice or by block fastly and economically. 
And supplier also can design and offer a professional fully automatick packaging line . From packing to
foreign object inspection (metal detector or X-ray inspect system ), make meat packing standard ( check wiegh) 

Why so lot of customer need meat packing machine? Please kindly check below ”sohu.com“ article words:

"• Global beef exports are projected to increase by 1% in 2022 to 12.0 million tonnes, as larger increases in exports from Argentina,
Australia and Brazil more than offset small declines in the European Union and Japan.
Global imports were unchanged. China's beef imports were unchanged, with shipments up 10% year-over-year,
driven by strong demand following the resolution of BSE trade issues between Brazil and China."

"• Global pork exports in 2022 are estimated at 12.3 million tonnes,
3% lower than previous forecast due to weak demand from top importer China.
Lower Chinese imports offset higher demand in Japan (+2%) and South Korea (+3%),
where economic recovery and increased pork availability on international markets will support international trade.
Imports from Mexico are also estimated to be 4% higher than previously forecast."

• Global chicken exports are raised 1% to 13.4 million tons in 2022.
Major exporter Brazil is expected to export a record 4.3 million tonnes despite weak
Chinese demand. U.S. production is forecast to rise to 3.4 million tonnes on improved prospects in key markets (Mexico, Cuba, and Angola).
Thailand's exports will continue to be affected by the reduction of workers and transportation due to the new crown epidemic,
and production capacity may be insufficient. However, shipments from Thailand are expected to remain higher than pre-pandemic levels."

So , what kind of machine fit for meat packing plant ?

Below fully automatic meat packing machine developed and manufactured by us is more automated,
and special environmentally friendly materials can be used in the places in contact with materials
to prevent material pollution and equipment loss, thereby ensuring the quality of product packaging.

The conveyor metal detector help customer to inspect broken knife or drop off machine screw or tiny metals ,
which our eye harding to find it . We will recommend right machine accordig to customer's inspection requirements and budget .

Visit below link for more details:

Checkweigher , which gurantee your finished product won't loss weight or over weight .
Reject unqualified one.
It have 4grade , 6grade ,8grade and 12grade ; One grade customer can set the weight what your want .
If the meat block belong to this grade , it will be sorted in right hopper . 

Detail please kindly visit:

Total speaking , above three kind of machine are all fit for meat packing industry and also 
can assemble a fully automatic packaging line.  

Our workshop show:

Our teams and working flowchart:

Packing machine certificate:

Our showroom:

Why should be your partner ?

What value can we offer for our customers ?

Our after sales service:

Our customer's comments for our Vietnam customer for packing Cashew:

Please kindly check Dongguan changan Ke Ying machinery factory's company introduction
We mainly offer food metal detector , checkweigher , food X-ray machine, Packing machine/ fully automatically
packing line 
Our machine brand is "GOODEONE", have registed in China government .

Food metal detector workshop
This workshop mainly assemble food metal detectors. These 304SUS bracket and JSCC motor 
are ready to assemble together . 
Other semi finished metal detectors are assembling , after finished , then , After 72 hours of energized aging,
after packaging, it will be shipped to the customer's factory.

Checkweigher workshop
This workshop mainly assemble the checkweigher , about 2000square meter.
These machine are aging well and ready to packing wooden carton delivery to customer.

Packing machine workshop
These packing machine workshop building area about 10000 square meter . It have vertical packing machine,
multihead weigher packing machine , Pillow flow packing machine, given bag packing machine and so on.

Our customers

Our customer more than 300, they are all located in China, Malaysia , Thailand , Vietnam , Indonesia ,
Philippine , South America , Latin America , Middle east and South Africa.

Our export share about : 70%  ; Domestic share : 30%

Annual sales amount: 3,000,000USD/year .

Our office 

Our service

We are warmly welcome all of the world customer to visit and inquiry. We can offer you best quality machine
with professioal pre-sales service and after sales service. 

Please contact with us 

Email: [email protected] ;
Wechat /Whatsapp: 0086 18665115897

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