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  • XRD-500 X-ray inspection system
  • XRD-500 X-ray inspection system
  • XRD-500 X-ray inspection system
  • XRD-500 X-ray inspection system
  • XRD-500 X-ray inspection system
  • XRD-500 X-ray inspection system

XRD-500 X-ray inspection system

With outstanding accuracy and precision, our x-ray machines can detect metal, stone, bone, glass, and more, using our advanced HD tecnology.
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  • XRD-500 X-ray inspection system
  • XRD-500 X-ray inspection system
  • XRD-500 X-ray inspection system
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XRD-500 is widely used in the detection of foreign objects in variomedicine, beverages and other products (for example: metal, stone, glass, bone, rubber, etc.). Not only that, the equipment can also realize multi-point omission detection and shield segmentation. Detection, liquid level detection, high-speed rejection detection, remote control, comprehensive real-time management and other functions.
XRD-500 is based on intelligent image analysis technology that can effectively detect tiny foreign objects in products, such as metals, stones, glass, bones, rubber, etc. Food safety management HACCP and product quality have been widely used in food, tablet, beverage and other industries, and have established a good reputation with excellent performance.
Applicable products: small, single-package products.
m      Model XRD-500  
       Best detection accuracy Lead: φ0.2mm, stainless steel ball: φ0.4mm, ceramic ball: φ0.8mm,  
       Detection size parameters
Bones: φ0.8mm, glass: φ1.0mm  
Maximum detection width: 250mm  
Transmission bandwidth 250mm  
        Conveyor belt height 850±30mm  
         Conveyor speed 10-100M/minute  
           Load capacity 10Kg  
             X-ray output 80kVp/0.2-5mA  
              X-ray leak <1μSv/h  
          Detector type Linear scan  
        Irradiation direction Top-illuminated  
             Pixel size 0.4mm  
              monitor 15 inch LCD touch screen  
        Operation method Touch screen operation  
             software X-ray Inspection System  
             system Windows 7  
       Support data interface USB  
pa      Prameter settings Self-learning/manual adjustment     
         Case material SUS304  
      Conveyor belt material PU belt                                                       
air        conditioning Internal circulation industrial air conditioner, automatic temperature control
        Protection method Removable protective curtain
        Cleaning method Tool-free disassembly of the conveyor belt for easy cleaning
p           Power supply AC220/230V,50/60Hz  
       Environmental requirements Temperature: 5-35℃/ Humidity: 30-85%RH (no condensation)  
         Machine size 800*860*1580mm(L*W*H  
        Machine weight 270Kg  
Advantages of X-ray foreign body inspection machine:

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Please kindly check Dongguan changan Ke Ying machinery factory's company introduction
We mainly offer food metal detector , checkweigher , food X-ray machine, Packing machine/ fully automatically
packing line 
Our machine brand is "GOODEONE", have registed in China government .

Food metal detector workshop
This workshop mainly assemble food metal detectors. These 304SUS bracket and JSCC motor 
are ready to assemble together . 
Other semi finished metal detectors are assembling , after finished , then , After 72 hours of energized aging,
after packaging, it will be shipped to the customer's factory.

Checkweigher workshop
This workshop mainly assemble the checkweigher , about 2000square meter.
These machine are aging well and ready to packing wooden carton delivery to customer.

Packing machine workshop
These packing machine workshop building area about 10000 square meter . It have vertical packing machine,
multihead weigher packing machine , Pillow flow packing machine, given bag packing machine and so on.

Our customers

Our customer more than 300, they are all located in China, Malaysia , Thailand , Vietnam , Indonesia ,
Philippine , South America , Latin America , Middle east and South Africa.

Our export share about : 70%  ; Domestic share : 30%

Annual sales amount: 3,000,000USD/year .

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We are warmly welcome all of the world customer to visit and inquiry. We can offer you best quality machine
with professioal pre-sales service and after sales service. 

Please contact with us 

Email: [email protected] ;
Wechat /Whatsapp: 0086 18665115897

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